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Enterprise Systems Solutions

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Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions

Contributing to reducing the dependency on physical servers and applications, minimizing IT operation costs, achieving better performance, and providing ease of management and business continuity, we offer services for our customers to set up their own cloud solutions with our virtualization solutions.

  • VmWare
  • Microsoft Virtualization Solutions
  • Citrix
  • Nutanix
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Server Architecture Solutions

Analyzing your project with our expert team, we offer cost advantages by bringing the server, data storage, virtualization, backup, and network solutions that you need to manage in your data center together and thus provide an easy and flexible structure.

  • Integrated and hyper-integrated solutions
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Business Continuity Solutions

In order to implement business continuity correctly, primarily, the system should be analyzed and what actions should be taken to reduce the problems stemming from malfunctions, interruptions, and natural disaster has to be planned. We ensure your workflow continues without interruption in case of a disaster with our business continuity solutions.

  • Redundancy architecture
  • DRC planning and design
  • Data Replication Solution
  • Consultancy
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Backup and Archiving

Data loss in possible disaster situations and the inability to restore the stored critical data pose serious risks for companies. Backup solutions also have an important place among the measures to be taken in order to implement business continuity plans without data loss. In order to create a backup solution, the size and type of data to be backed up, the frequency of backup, the rate of change in the data, the maximum tolerable data loss and the desired retraced interval must be determined correctly The expert teams of Onicorn offer brand-independent and backup solutions meeting your requirements.



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