Software Development Services

Carrying their businesses into the future with customizable digital experiences and being able to adapt themselves to business processes that are accelerating day by day is crucial for companies in the new age.

Onicorn offers solutions under one roof for all your needs in creating customized and high-performance corporate software solutions that allow businesses to become future-proof. Onicorn designs, measures, and develops next-generation solutions for various industries.

Our software development team successfully realizes digital transformations with its experience in meeting varying demands. With a focus on delivering powerful, scalable and cutting-edge software solutions, Onicorn uses modern technologies and an advanced DevOps approach to accelerate the process to put your applications on the market.

End-to-end Software Development Solutions

Onicorn combines decades of experience with innovative technologies and offers the ultimate solution that helps the brand transformation at its best.

The Onicorn team of expert consultants, designers, developers, managers and analysts provides long-term growth for your business with user-oriented designs, optimized operations and increased return on investment. With our business partners all over the world, we develop solutions fitting your company’s business structure and creating value for your business. We aim to meet your expectations at the highest level in retail, logistics, health, education, travel, manufacturing and many other sectors.

Services We Offer:

Software Development

Software Architecture Development

E-commerce Idea Development

E-transformation Investment Planning and Application

Project Coordination

Mobile Application Development

System Management

ERP Development and Application

Onicorn’s expert team develops a tailor-made roadmap for you with its boutique services and business partnerships with the leading technology brands from Türkiye and all around the world, both within your organization and for all your software needs required to provide a better service to your customers. Consult Onicorn in the new generation business processes to receive the best, appropriate, and cost-effective services for your needs.



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