Our Solutions

Security Solutions
We provide management, maintenance, and consultancy services with our experts in design and integration of high-performance, scalable, and manageable security infrastructures. Collaborating with the industry’s leading manufacturers in the field of network security technologies, we provide you with a unique experience.
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Network Solutions
We provide turnkey solutions to our customers by designing them on the basis of work flow, working process and security solutions in order to reliably meet the structural cabling needs used in companies. The high quality products we use in our projects have international certificates.
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IP Telephony and VoIP
Thanks to our integrated call center solutions, we gather all the functions our customers need under one roof and bring them into use. With our scalable, redundant architecture and VoIP support, we provide a dynamic call center service that satisfies your fast growth targets and all your plans and is easy to set up and manage.
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Enterprise Systems Solutions
Contributing to our customers’ minimizing IT operation costs of their businesses, conducting flawless operations, and achieving a better level of performance, we provide them with services that allow them to set up their own cloud solutions and manage all processes most efficiently.
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Licensing Solutions
The appropriate licensing model both reduces your costs and significantly contributes to increased efficiency. Onicorn’s license consultancy service provides you with flexible, fast, and target-driven solutions.
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