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Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management & Application Control

The new Heimdal™ Privileges and Application Control module is the simplest app and privilege control suite to use, but also the only one on the market to support both Black and Whitelisting for apps in tandem with PAM and de-elevation of rights in unison with our Threat Prevention and Antivirus.

The Privileges and Application Control line of products is an innovative module oered by Heimdal™.

Remove permanent rights, give access to temporary elevation and application execution, when users need it – and be NIST AC-1,6 compliant. Protect your network and endpoints with a revolutionary approach to both PAM and Application Control

HeimdalTM Privileged Access Management and Application Control

The Privileges and Application Control line-up effectively secures the three major areas of your IT access infrastructure, ensuring everything works smoothly and threats are kept away: Management of privileges, App control and Auditing. The auditing functionality is granular and essential for data protection compliance, supporting a full audit trail of Allowed Executions, Blocked Executions and Passive Mode monitored executions, with a 90-day retention for all logs.

Management features:

Allow or Block requests for escalations in one click; Easy to enable Passive Mode for system indexing; Easy to enable Auto-approval flow with rules defined and automatic de-escalation on threat; Rule based system easy to control and define by the admin(s); Define individual rights per AD group.

Allow or Block execution of apps based on File Path, MD5, Publisher, Certificate or Software Name criteria; Ability to use the historic executions history for all future Allow and Block decisions; See what users have executed applications in Passive, Allowed or Blocked mode; Filter your views of the logs as you wish, by user, by apps requested and so on; 90 Days Data retention for all logs.

Secures against intentional or non-intentional insider threat

Insider threat and system infiltration by external attackers are a growing threat for organizations of all sizes. The Zero Trust Principle and limiting admin rights across IT infrastructures have become the only avenue for safety, but without a professional PAM tool, this can create more work and wasted time. Application control also emerges as a crucial component of a healthy security setup.

Our Privileged Access Management and Application Control is the world’s only bundled product which offers both functionalities. The line-up proactively secures your entire environment, ensuring compliance, transparency and boosted productivity for all users and admins.



65% of the damages caused by insider threat to an organization are both financial and reputational.



$11,45 million was the average cost of a breach caused by insider threat in 2020.


88% OF

88% of organizations surveyed sa that insider threat is a cause for alarm.


40% OF

40% of organizations surveyed feel vulnerable to having confidential business information exposed through insider threat.

Insider threat is one of the most
insidious and difficult to control
threats to an organization’s
cybersecurity. Even if most of the
time it’s not a malicious, intentional
threat, it can still lead to exposure
of a company’s delicate data,
financial assets, or, worse, it can
lead to cyber-criminals getting a
foothold in your organization.

Controlling and restricting what
applications can be run or accessed
and by whom is an essential step
into neutralizing insider threat.

User Application
With the new Application Control,
you ensure compliance, secure your
organization against dangerous
access requests, liberate time for
your admins and increase
productivity, minimizing your
administrative costs.


Step into the Future of Access Management and Application Control with Heimdal™ Security!

Cybercriminals won’t stop exploiting the existing security holes in your IT network. User accounts can be a major gateway for criminals. Stay one step ahead of them with Application Control and Privileged Access Management!

Privileges & Application Control

Privileged Access Management

Application Control

Easy escalation of rights and files
Includes the ability to White and Blacklist any execution
Full control of the escalation process
Easy control of access to execution of files
World’s only de-escalation on threats
Ability to easily manage spawns of any files executed
Auto-approval mode to avoid user support time
World’s only Application Control that can be tied with PAM
Mobile approval supported
Handle access by File Path, MD5, Publisher, Certificate or Software Name
Full Audit Trail
Full Audit Trail
Removes 93% of Microsoft vulnerabilities in Windows OS and 100% in Microsoft Browsers
Passive mode for system indexing
Individual rights per group (NIST AC-5 compliance)
Default approval for system applications
Option to remove existing admin rights (NIST AC-1,6 compliance)
Option to remove existing rights and give access to application execution (NIST-6)
Beautiful unified overview and data visualization
Beautiful unified overview and data visualization

When having both the Privileged Access Management and the Application Control components active, they will further enhance each other:

Privileged Access Management and Application Control.

Heimdal™ offers the world’s only option to run either or combine Privilege Access Management and Application Control. Cybercriminals won’t stop exploiting the existing security holes in your IT network. User accounts can be a major gateway for criminals. Stay one step ahead of them with Application Control and Privileged Access Management! Your suite can be further expanded with cross-functional modules, strengthening the intelligence in the Privileges and Application Control and the other EPDR components, and unlocking new functional perks with each further module added.

Add and expand your cybersecurity with customizable modules, all in a single interface and dashboard, fed by unparalleled intelligence.

Manage, audit and comply in one easy step with Application Control:

You can benefit from our Application Control as a standalone module, or in conjunction with the Privileged Access Management module, in one unified and cross-functional suite.

Heimdal™ Security’s PEDM (Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management) Approach

Privileged Access Management by Heimdal™ supports PEDM-type non-privileged user account curation features for AD (Active Directory), Azure AD, or hybrid setups. Curation of lower-privileges accounts befalls on individuals from the IT administration team, empowered by non-exclusive administrative rights (i.e., person or persons fulfilling an administrative role in an RBAC setup can only exercise specific functions within the allotted group policies, thus eliminating over-privileged accounts).

Local Admin Rights Elevation

User clustering for the purpose of further curbing L.A.R.E. (Local Admin Rights Elevation) is available and can be enforced by using the “Map users to group” feature under UTD’s Group Settings section.

This added granularity will allow members of specific Local Users and Groups to request elevations. Inclusions or exclusions are case sensitive and must be inputted manually. Sysadmins can include or exclude users based on hostname and username.

Under PEDM, Privileged Asset Management allows for the retention of administrative permission for specific users and/or domains groups that can be traced back to specific endpoints or groups.

TIL (Time-to-Live) feature acts as JIT (Just-in-Time) gatekeeper, restricting the access of users and administrators to L.A.R.E.-based activities.

If properly configured, the user will be able to request single-file or process elevation only within working hours.

By default, the elevation token will expire within 24 hours if not confirmed by the user.

De-elevation behavior can be changed by using the “Enforce token refresh” feature. If enabled globally, the user will automatically be logged off and the processes killed.

The Reporting mode is default enabled; for consistent telemetry, we recommend that you leave it on for at least 2 weeks to monitor the allow and block patterns and whitelist all the blocked processes that you consider necessary, before enabling the full functionality.

By default, all administratortype roles that haven’t been approved either by company charter or internal Role-based Access Control rules will be reverted to simple user, defined as follows:
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