Vodafone has announced that as of today, they are starting the Vitrin program developed for growing entrepreneurs in Turkey.

Within the scope of the Vodafone Vitrin program in which Onicorn has been introduced as one of the four strategic integrative organizations, companies’ growth in Turkey will be supported and successful companies will be introduced into foreign markets. In addition to supports of mentorship, promotion, education, technology and operational support, Vodafone Vitrin will also provide companies with a sales and marketing support of almost 2 million TL per year.

Vodafone Turkey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Engin Aksoy provided information on the platform.
He reminded that Vodafone Turkey has made an investment of more than 20 billion TL in Turkey within the last 2 years and said that thanks to this investment, they have reached 23.2 million customers.

Aksoy pointed out that with “Vitrin”, developed in line with this target, the goal is to ensure that the growing scale-ups have a sustainable platform of growth.
Aksoy mentioned that Vodafone’s knowledge and experience will be transferred to the scale-ups within the scope of the platform and said the following:
“While we support the growth of entrepreneurs in our platform, we will also provide an important contribution to the growth and digitalization of Turkey and the national economy. Vodafone Vitrin is a platform of gathering which brings together all scale-ups. Just as in every other area, we also aim to
present the innovative products and services brought by scale-up companies to all of our customers in the area of entrepreneurship.

Here, we will provide significant support for scale-ups in terms of marketing, sales, technology and operation. We will also help successful companies in their pursuit of foreign markets. Vodafone Vitrin will be a win-win model for everyone involved. Vodafone customers will have the opportunity to receive the most innovative products and services. Scale-ups which are members of Vitrin will have the chance to grow both in Turkey and abroad provided that they
first reach a certain scale in Turkey.”

According to the information provided in the meeting, members of “Vodafone Vitrin” will have the chance to promote their digital products and services to more than 520 million customers in geographies within which Vodafone actively operates, provided that they prove themselves in the Turkish market.

With this program, Vodafone will also have the chance to present facilitating digital products and services to its individual and corporate customers.
Scale-ups who wish to join the program will be able to do so by contacting Vodafone through Onicorn. Candidates deemed appropriate will be evaluated by Vodafone.

Following the evaluation process and signing of the “Vodafone Vitrin” membership agreement with the accepted scale-ups, operation is underway within the coordination of the special team assigned to Vodafone.

A performance evaluation will be conducted every 6 months
Scale-ups accepted to the “Vodafone Vitrin” program start in the standard segment of Silver. Within the scope of the program, a performance evaluation is conducted every 6 months. Companies deemed wellperforming are upgraded to Gold or Platinum segment, while companies deemed stable-performing
remain in their current segment. Companies deemed insufficient are excluded from the system.

Within the scope of the program, scale-up companies are supported primarily in terms of salesmarketing, technology-operation and introduction to foreign markets. Accordingly, an annual salesmarketing support will be provided as 500.000 TL for scale-ups in Silver segment, 1 million TL for scaleups in Gold segment and 2 million TL for scale-ups in Platinum segment.

“Vodafone Vitrin” members will also be supported in terms of mentorship, promotion, education, technology and operation.

Annotation: This piece of news was inspired from the news by Dünya Newspaper dated 04.05.2018.