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How can you gain awareness of cyber threats?

Since technology is integrated into every aspect of life, cyber security has become one of the crucial issues. Enterprises and individuals using electronic devices can comprehensively benefit from a cyber awareness program. Corporate training sessions covering intensified and rich content can provide cyber security effectively.

Target Audience of Cyber Security Awareness Training

As data security and sharing are becoming more crucial for corporate activities day by day, being competent in cyber security is a vital issue. In this context, training programs are organized to raise awareness amongst employees from different industries.

Who benefits from cyber security awareness training?

  • Employees who work in the field of information technologies and want to provide effective network security solutions against the latest cyber attacks
  • The senior executive staff of companies or the ones working directly with customers
  • People who use electronic devices or work with devices based on an internet connection
  • Those working in the field of internet security or mobile device security
  • Small and large-scale business personnel responsible for the management of customers’ confidential information or personal data
  • Different industries that manage, store, use, and process confidential data.

How is Cyber Security Awareness Raised?

Cyber security training can be adapted depending on the participant’s cyber security knowledge level and field. Accordingly, the course content can be enriched, or basic-level training can be organized. The most efficient training program can be created by receiving feedback in line with the participants’ duties and cyber security knowledge level. In this context, necessary information about issues such as clean desk – clean screen, data security, and mail security is shared with the participants. Training sessions supported by live lectures and online materials make significant contributions to the creation of cyber security awareness.

The Advantages of Cyber Security Awareness Training Sessions

  • Cyber security awareness training is a crucial cyber security investment that companies can do in fighting against cyber threats. At the end of the training, all employees realize that they are part of an inseparable chain in terms of the security and cyber security solutions of the company.
  • The cyber security awareness training given on a corporate basis is customized according to the working procedure, principles, and cyber security threats that each institution may be exposed to. In this context, comprehensive content is presented about the standards and procedures related to the information security management system (ISMS).
  • Awareness training is offered to all employees, from the executive staff to the receptionist, on the subject of cyber security. According to their level of knowledge in cyber security, employees can receive training from basic topics such as e-mail security to more comprehensive content. Through this training, it is ensured that institutions are less exposed to cyber security risks.
  • The information relayed in corporate cyber security training helps you to familiarize yourself with the basics of the latest technologies, their importance in terms of security, and advanced notions regarding these technologies. You can take effective measures against common risks in today’s cyber security world, such as phishing attacks.
  • During cyber security training sessions, current cases are shared with the participants to relay possible threats you can come across in your daily life. Thanks to these sessions, the participants gain awareness of several threats. 
  • Gaining awareness of file sharing security has great importance in the protection of corporate data. Thanks to cyber security training that plays a big role in raising this awareness, you can learn about the safe use of file sharing applications that are frequently used in corporate life.
  • You can reach the most up-to-date tips on security in wireless networks, which is one of the must-haves in today’s technology. You can protect your personal and corporate information from cyber-attacks by using password security strategies.

Thanks to the “Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training“, you can gain awareness about harmful applications and possible threats and find out the most up-to-date versions of these applications. Thus, you can take precautions against the increasing number of possible risks and cyber attacks in the digital world.

With the awareness training given by Onicorn‘s expert staff, you can enable your employees to gain experience in cyber security. Click to choose the most suitable package for your cyber security needs and to access the most up-to-date training content that can be customized for different departments.




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