Don't spend your time following your staff; let Berqun do it for you!

While you focus on developing your business, Berqun does tracking and auditing.

Berqun analyzes every minute spent within working hours. It provides you with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual employee performance reports.

Always Efficiency and High Work Motivation

Berqun collects essential information about how your employees spend their time. Berqun allows you to identify the employees who do not work efficiently and take the necessary steps to increase their efficiency by using the information collected.

Always Efficient, Always Motivated for the New Success

Thanks to the reports Berqun gives you, you can analyze the efficiency level of your employees, prevent waste of time and enable them to manage their time efficiently.

Daily Efficiency

See in detail when your employees spend productive or unproductive hours at the computer.

Monthly Efficiency

Look at the daily BQ scores that make up the monthly average and monitor unexpectedly poor performances.


You can optionally save screenshots of running computers at minute intervals. The Office TV feature of Berqun presents snapshots of employee screens in low resolution, protecting personal information.


For any employee or your entire team, look at the websites and apps used during the day, week, or month within office hours. Measure and evaluate the amount of time your employees spend on activities not with hypothetical information but with real information supplied through automation.



See what is done in detail.


Analyze the data collected and get the efficiency scores.

Office TV

Monitoring your Office, see what's going on there.


Find out the network usage intensity of your employees and make your plan accordingly.


2 different installation options: Cloud and In-house


See the information gathered on the panel.


Customize settings and fine-tune efficiency by categorizing activities.

E-mail Delivery

Receive the performance reports as an e-mail.

After Sales Support

Multi customer support options.

Energy Saving

Put computers to sleep mode after working hours.

Incognito Mode

Incognito or open mode feature.

Department View

Management at the department level.